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Salfordinsole was born out of the University of Salford and a UK Government funded research project in 2008. Research, Innovation and Education remain central to our philosophy.

We are key research partners with the University of Salford foot biomechanics and Podiatry group. Along with NHS and UK and European industry partners, we are involved in research worth more than £1Million over the next 2 years. The research is focussed on developing new orthotic materials, advanced orthotic designs and development of evidence supporting advances in orthotic practice.

Publications are available via the free and open access University of Salford repository, click the links below:

Our research...

Close-to-Custom: where it all began... salfordinsole prefabricated orthotics were the result of research at the University of Salford and launched the salfordinsole company.

Lateral Wedge Technology: The Lateral Wedged technology insole was researched using support from by Arthritis UK. Originally designed to treat medial knee arthritis it is now being researched in cases of lateral ankle sprains too.

SMARTPIF: Through the EU SMARTPIF project we are helping to innovate CAD tools and studies of orthotic practice.

SOHEALTHY: We are members of the EU SOHEALTHY network of research, innovation and education partners helping to set the future direction for the orthotic and footwear sector.

By supporting PhD and other post graduate studies at the University of Salford we are supporting new insight and innovation in orthotic practice, products and services.

AMINO 3D: Funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board and EPSRC, we are working with 3D printing partners and the NHS to research how CAD, digital workflows and additive manufacturing can help innovative orthotic devices and services.

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